Course Descriptions

BIB-101 – Bible Geography: A fundamental course that will familiarize the student with the Biblical lands. We will study the journeys of Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and Paul.
BIB-102 – Bible Survey: An overview of all of the 66 books of the Bible. Included in the overview is a study of the inter-biblical history between the Old and New Testaments.
BIB-250 – Life of Christ I-VII: The full life of Jesus studied from a ministerial perspective using a harmony of the Gospels. This is one of the most dynamic courses within the curriculum. You will walk with Jesus in ministry from his birth to resurrection. You will complete this course feeling like you were one of Jesus’ twelve!
BIB-103 – Bible Study Principles: A very practical course on how to correctly apply Biblical Hermeneutics using the “Ten Commandments” of Bible study. The students will use these very practical principles over and over again throughout the life of their ministry.
MIN-501 – Fivefold Ministry: This course will help you to recognize and implement the five-fold ministry within the church. You will find your place within this God given framework of government and ministry for the New Testament. The lessons will bring a fresh understanding to the concept of team ministry established by the Lord Jesus in Ephesians 4:11.
BIB-212 – Bible Types & Numbers: A balanced study in the application of biblical typology. A special emphasis given to the types in the Tabernacle of Moses.
THE-803 – Blood Covenant: Teaching the key to understanding our relationship to Jesus Christ based upon the timeless truth of Blood Covenant as presented in the Bible.
BIB-201 – The Book of Beginnings I-III: An in depth exposition of the Book of Genesis giving insight to the “seeds” of all Bible truths and doctrine. This is a three part study.
BIB-211 – Our Kinsman Redeemer: An exposition of the Book of Ruth teaching the fullness of salvation offered by our redeemer. You will come to a true understanding of Biblical prosperity through the analogies represented in this book.
MIN-508 – Ministry of Faith: One of the best foundational teachings on faith that exists. Taught in the context of Hebrews chapter 11, you will learn the definition of faith and then proceed to the operation of faith as exemplified in the lives of the patriarchs.
MIN-503 – Ministry of Healing: An in-depth preparation for the ministry of healing. Does Jesus still heal today? Why doesn’t everyone get healed? Answers to these and many more questions.
BIB-254 – The Theology of Salvation: An in-depth study of God’s full plan of salvation as shown in the Book of Romans, Chapters 1-8.
CE-604 – The Christian Family: This course teaches fundamental principles and practical solutions for every aspect of the Christian home.
THE-804 – Spiritual Authority I & II: The most essential need within the Church and ministry today, taught in a life changing format. This was originally an 8 hour course but has been expanded to 16 because of the extreme importance it will have to your life and ministry. Your life will be challenged and changed!
THE-801 – God’s Plan for Man I&II: A new, practical and fresh approach to systematic theology taught within the perspective of the spirit-filled life.
MIN-507 – Ministerial Ethics: An enlightening view of the Godly minister as he relates to the church, his peers and the community.
BIB-204 – God’s Perfect Will: A unique study of I&II Samuel, based on the lives of Samuel, Saul and David, that teaches you how to find and stay in God’s perfect will. You will find this course to be a very practical guide that you will use for the rest of your ministerial life.
CHR-402 – Seven-fold Pattern of the Church: The sevenfold pattern of the church as displayed in the first fifteen chapters of the Book of Acts. A veritable “Church Planting Manual,” showing how to start and bring to fruition a New Testament Church today.
BIB-255a – 1 Corinthians: A thorough exposition of 1 Corinthians with a special emphasis on the theme of Sanctification.
BIB-255b – Galatians: An in depth look at Paul’s defense of the Gospel of Grace versus the pseudo-gospel of works.
CHR-403 – Church Government: A thorough explanation of the New Testament model of Apostolic church government.
MIN-502 – Keeping the Anointing: A practical understanding of how to maintain the flow of the anointing in a church service (praise & worship, preaching of the word, water baptisms, communion, announcements, operation of the gifts, alter call etc.). One of the most important courses taught.
CHR-401 – The New Testament Study of “Ekklesia”: A word study of the 117 occurrences of the word “ekklesia” or “church” in the New Testament. An eye opening study of what the Bible says about the “church.”
BIB-255c – The Prison Epistles: We continue with Paul as he writes from prison to the churches of the Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians.
MIN-504 – The Ministry of Deliverance: An in depth study in the Gospel of Mark emphasizing the principles and methods of deliverance used by Jesus.
MIN-505 – Pulpit Communications I&II: this course will teach the basics of sermon preparation with practical application. Each student will give a three and five minute speech that will be filmed and evaluated by his peers.
MIN-510 – Pastoral Care: The great cry of the church, ministry included, is to have a good and strong pastor. This course is designed to build the personal, spiritual life of the minister as well as his family life and his ministerial responsibilities to the church, equipping him with spiritual depth so he can help others in their hour of need.
CHR-407 – Church Finances: How to maintain the integrity of the ministry by the Scriptural handling of money in all areas of church life. The student will receive a very practical understanding of church finances and how they work.
MIN-506 – Pastoral Counseling: Applying the Gifts of the Spirit to the ministry of counseling. This course is full of practical application and wisdom gained through many years counseling experience.
CHR-408 – Church Staff Relationships: Clear spiritual insights to staff relationships on every level. Understanding the “Vision of the House” and how to form a ministerial team.
THE-805 – The Person of the Holy Spirit: This study is dedicated to the awareness of the Person of the Holy Spirit. It has been my observation that with all the emphasis that has been placed upon the character and ability of the Holy Spirit in recent decades, it has not proven to be a reality in the daily lifestyle of the Church today.
BIB-280 – The Book of Revelation: A challenging study of the Book of Revelation using the “Two Vision” method. This course gives the necessary tools for formulating ones eschatology while studying the revelation verse by verse.
BIB-203 – The Church in the Wilderness: An exposition of the Book of Numbers showing the plan of God for his church. This course offers an amazing overlay of this Old Testament Book, on the subject of the “church.”
CHR-406 – Presbytery & the Prophetic Word: A presentation of the threefold aspect of “presbytery” in the N. T. Church. The course will establish the basic doctrines of the laying on of hands and the restoration of the prophetic voice in the church. A long overlooked essential in the life of the church and the individual believer.
MIN-509 – Ministry of Prayer: An essential understanding of the place of prayer in the ministry, helping the student to understand the purpose of prayer, the different types of prayer and the mechanics of prayer.
CHR-409 – Church Evangelism: Making the local church aware of its responsibilities for evangelism, offering methods and ethics to make evangelism in every area effective with permanent results.
CE-602 – Praise & Worship: Principles that will give the minister the understanding and ability to lead in, and to see led, praise and worship.